Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Teacher's Day

According to the radio this morning, today is Teacher's Day!  The radio announcer asked the question: "Did you have a teacher who influenced you?" And he proceeded to name a whole list of teachers who had had a great impact on his life. One was a teacher that made him read his story in front of the class and told him he was a good writer. That brought back so many memories for me!!

My Grade 6 teacher, Mr. Guistini, did the same thing for me. Mine was a Halloween story, I believe. He was the first person (only person) to tell me I should write a book. And I did. Started then and continued into Grade 9 when I then learned to type and began to type it all page by page! Daunting compared to today's computers! I even submitted that manuscript (I cringe now) to a publisher and received a very nice rejection letter. That put my writing career on hold for 25 years! Life got in the way, high school, university, marriage, job, kids. Yup -- that's about 25 years worth!

Anyway the writing bug hit again around the time I hit age 40. Not sure why then. Maybe because I started reading again like crazy and got the urge to write my own stories. And one of these days, I will be a published author. It's just a matter of time.

Moral of the story - you never know how you influence someone's life with a few tiny words of encouragement. To all you teachers out there - THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

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