Thursday, July 29, 2010

Movie Review & Some News!

Finally got to see the new Twilight movie "Eclipse". Once again, the movie kept very true to the book. The effects were excellent and the characters well done.

The only thing I thought lacking was the chemistry between Bella and Edward. In the first movie, the romantic tension was palpable on the screen. In New Moon, Edward was hardly in it, so it was tough to tell. But in this third movie, I didn't feel the anguish that Bella was feeling, torn between loving two men. That came across much stronger in the book. However, all in all, I was happy I went to see it on the big screen.

On the home front, my big news is that I found out I came second in the Touched By Love Contest, sponsored by the Faith, Hope & Love Chapter of the Romance Writers of America! This is very good news to me and a sign that I am on the right track with my writing. It has given me the inspiration I need to keep on writing!! After finaling, my entry was judged by 5 published authors. I only hope I get to read their comments at some point.

Here's a cyber toast with bubbling champagne! To all the wonderful writers out there.