Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Another wonderful read: No Greater Glory.

Debut author, Cindy Nord, has written a beautiful love story set in the Civil War called "No Greater Glory". Colonel Reece Cutteridge commandeers the plantation belonging to widow, Emaline McDaniels, as a command post.

Against Emaline's will, her home soon becomes an infirmary for wounded soldiers. Despite being on opposite sides of the war, Reece and Emaline cannot deny their attraction and growing love. Despite Emaline's resentment at the intrusion in her life, she finds compassion for the wounded and dying men, and ends up helping the doctor tend to the sick.

Anyone who loved "Gone With the Wind" will love this book. Emaline is a spunky, courageous woman who softens the hard colonel. The ups and downs of their love story makes this book hard to put down!

Can't wait for Cindy's next book!

The Colonel's Lady

Finally got a copy of  Laura Frantz's "The Colonel's Lady" and I was not disappointed. Every one of Laura's books gets better than the last!!

Let me just say that Colonel Cass McKinn was an absolutely wonderful hero. So courageous and honorable. He definitely evoked a few sighs from me! And Roxie Rowan was a delightful heroine.

Laura manages to evoke the most romantic of stories with such subtlety. The softest of glances and touches, along with one or two kisses that leave the reader breathless with longing for these two to finally get their chance at happiness. And the lovely child, Abby, added such a sweet touch.

Thank you, Laura, for another story that lingers in your heart long after the last page is turned!