Monday, March 8, 2010

Avatar is Amazing!

I finally got to see the movie, AVATAR, yesterday, right before the Academy Awards later that night. It was worth the admission price, that's for sure.

James Cameron has created an amazing alien world, with a race of blue people called Na'vi, with their own language, social class and spiritual values. They are very close to nature and respect all life forms. There are many themes in this movie, good vs. evil, money/greed vs. nature/spirituality, betrayal and love, etc.

What I admired most from the whole movie was Cameron's imagination and creativity. His ability to take a vision, a dream actually, and make it into reality. Isn't that what we as writers try to do with every story?

I hope I can paint with words the type of beauty Cameron has painted with his film.

Monday, March 1, 2010


Woo-hoo! How exciting was that hockey game for the Gold Medal? Well, I guess it was much more exciting if you were cheering for Canada! LOL! And believe me, we were!

Sidney Crosby is now Canada's newest hero! What an awesome goal! History in the making. I was only a youngster when Paul Henderson scored his infamous goal in 1972, but I think this Olympic Gold Medal game will outshine that wonderful memory.

I am so proud of all our Canadian athletes. They did an amazing job. And to all the people in Vancouver who helped make these 2010 Olympic Games such a magnificent event, my sincerest thanks and congratulations!

I only have one question... What will we watch on TV now?