Sunday, March 20, 2011


My other new interest/hobby is learning about Angels. It is a fascinating subject. I've had an angel reading done (something like a fortune teller but done with Angel Cards). That was so much fun.

I've also gone on an Angel Workshop to learn about the different types of angels and how they are with us all to provide help to anyone who asks. That is the most amazing thing - you have to ask for help. The angels can't interfere in your life (unless it's life and death) without us asking. Free will and all that jazz.

Everyone has at least two guardian angels that are with them from the moment of their birth until death. These are always with you, guiding you, whether we're aware or not. The archangels are the ones most people are familiar with from the Bible, etc. But I was amazed to learn that angels are not really religion based. Yet all religions in the world believe in angels.

Right now I'm concentrating on the Angel Gabrielle (who is seen as male or female) because she (I like the female version) is the angel of communications, including writers. So she is the one who can help me with my writing talents.

This fascination all started because of certain numbers that I keep seeing - and certain songs that keep playing on the car radio. I found out that this is how angels communicate with humans and try to get our attention. At least now I don't think I'm going crazy when I keep seeing 333 or 33 all the time! And when certain songs come on the radio, I just say thank you! The angels are surrounding us with love and guidance.

May your angels be with you today!!

Writing Life

I can't believe it's been so long since I posted. So now I'll end up posting twice in one day! That's the way my life goes these days.

First to catch up on my writing life ... I am so amazed to say that I am very close to writing 'The End' on my latest manuscript. Just need to create the Epilogue, then begin the daunting task of editing. This is the first time I've ever been able to just bang out the first draft. We'll see how long the edits take though.

And the other news in my writing life is that I've joined the American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) and entered their big contest, THE GENESIS. I'll find out sometime around the middle of April whether I made the first cut or not. Even if I don't, I'm looking forward to the judges' comments and learning how to strengthen my stories.

Very exciting stuff!