Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Prepare, prepare, prepare!

Preparations for attending a major writing conference is a lot more work than I had anticipated. It has been a bit overwhelming, but piece by piece, the details are coming together.

I managed to get my flight through Airmiles and only had to pay the airport taxes and fees. That was a huge help, saving me over $500. The only drawback is traveling alone (I don't like going into new situations by myself) and having to transfer planes in the busiest city in the USA (Chicago O'Hare). Having to carry all my luggage alone with my hubby to lift the heavy ones - that will be a challenge. But I'm sure I will get through it.

I researched the transportation to the hotel and booked the shuttle. Hotel reservations have been made (thanks to my efficient roommate!). Now to remember all the little things to bring, what to pack where, and what airlines allow on board these days. Thankfully American Airlines has an excellent website with the information detailed in an easy to read manner. Who knew you had to pay a fee to check a suitcase in?? I guess you're supposed to travel without luggage! And food!
But I digress...

What I didn't figure on was the homework required. Not only polishing your manuscripts, preparing one-sheets, verbal pitches, ordering new business cards (with a photo so people will remember you), but advance homework for the courses I'll be taking! Whew. Almost finished all that.

The worst part was ... don't faint now ... dress shopping!! Horror of horrors. I have not bought/worn a dress in over twelve years. And have not worn any sort of heeled shoe since then. I was hit with a major culture shock when my daughter and I headed to the dress stores! Thankfully, after trying many outfits which regaled my daughter into fits of laughter, I found a dress I didn't look horrible in. But now I have to take it to the dressmaker to get it adjusted. It never ends!!

However, I did manage to find the exact type of shoes I was looking for - silver sandals with small heels that I can hopefully walk in!

This has been a whole lot of work! I'm sure hoping it's worth it all!

Will let you know - after I recover from the excitement! (end of September or so)

Until then, I need a nap!