Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tribute to a Good Friend

On May 20, 2008, I lost a very good friend, one I'd been friends with for over 30 years (since grade school). Her name was Katarina and she fought a very brave battle with colon cancer. Her poor body gave out, leaving behind a husband and four beautiful children, parents, a brother, sister, nieces and nephews as well as MANY, MANY friends.

She was loyal, kind and thought of everyone else before herself. She was an avid gardener though she didn't get much chance to enjoy it this year. She was always interested in everyone else. She travelled to all kinds of interesting places, including China, Paris, Chile and Honduras. She was very creative, did ceramics, quilting and was an avid reader.

We will all miss her greatly.

My advice to one and all is "enjoy life while you can. No one knows how long we'll be here." Here's to my friend, Katarina. May her gentle spirit live on forever.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Creating a Web-Site

Taking a break from sheer frustration! Argh!! I, the technically challenged one, am trying to create a web-site from the supposedly simplest template. Won't mention any names yet - mainly because I am suffering from deep PMS and this is probably not the best time to rant.

Before I work up the nerve to go back to my "construction" site, I decided to post a blog, something I have neglected lately. And I can't get in to my "bleeping" blog! Something about COOKIES (did they have to call them that - now I'm hungry!) Lord knows what I have done to my poor computer settings in the past few hours. Maybe it's having PMS too!

Okay, deep breath in, and out, and here we go back for more FRUSTRATION!

I'll keep you posted!