Tuesday, November 24, 2009


It's official! I have entered the 2010 Golden Heart Contest with the Romance Writers of America. After last year's huge disappointment, I didn't think I would enter this year. But hey, I had the book finished in time, so why not!

This year may be it for a while. No plans for a new book at the moment. Instead I want to take my 'new & improved' writer-self and fix up some previous books that I think still have potential. In a lot of ways, this is harder than starting a new story from scratch, but I have to try.

To all you who have entered, good luck. We have a while to wait for results. Between now and March 25, I plan on polishing the rest of my manuscript, in case I get that magical call. This time I won't almost hang up, thinking it's a telemarketer!

On another, totally unrelated topic, I went to see the new movie "2012". Even though it's quite far fetched at times, I really enjoyed it. It keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole time. And with all the amazing affects, it's worth watching on the big screen.

Next movie to see: NEW MOON. Review to follow.

Till next time,

Happy Writing!