Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Balancing the Pleasure with the Pain

Just when you start feeling you're getting somewhere with your writing, BAM! reality smacks you in the forehead!

Yes, I received the dreaded rejection letter this week from Steeple Hill, my publisher of choice. They did say I could submit future works, so there is something positive out of the whole thing.

So now I have decided it might be in my best interest to pursue finding an agent. That will be my next quest. And luckily I have a lot of feedback from my fellow writers on their experiences with different agents and agencies. So time to back track, do my research and get those queries out there!

It's amazing how taking a little action helps dispel the blahs!

Take care everyone and keep thinking positive thoughts.


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Keli Gwyn said...

I was sorry to here about your news from Steeple Hill when you shared it on The Seekers yesterday.

I read somewhere that the pain of rejection is like the sweet smell of cinnamon. It only lasts a short time. But it hurts, especially when the news is fresh. We shed a few tears, and then we find the strength and courage to dust off our dreams and try again. We writers are made of tough stuff, aren't we?

I think you're wise to strike back with some action steps. I wish you well in your search for an agent. How great that you have writer friends to make recommendations.

It was a pleasure spending time with you in Seekerville.