Thursday, April 10, 2008

2008 Golden Heart® Finalist

For anyone who writes Romantic Fiction, the Golden Heart Contest will mean something to them. Hosted by the Romance Writers of America, this contest for unpublished authors receives entries from all over the world. To get that phone call saying that your manuscript has finalled in the contest is quite a thrill to say the least!

Well, I received just such a call on March 25, 2008! My book "Wyndermere House" is one of the five finalists in the Inspirational Romance category. And I almost hung up on the poor woman! I thought it was a telemarketer who didn't even know what company she was calling from! Luckily I didn't cut her off with an "I'm not interested" remark as I so often do with those pesky callers. When the term RWA still didn't sink in, the term Golden Heart finalist got my attention!

To all the other women out there who have received the same honour, I say congratulations and wish you all the best of luck.

And now I can add the tag line "2008 Golden Heart® Finalist" to my name. For the next little while at least.


Keli Gwyn said...

Congratulation, Susan! There's nothing like that call to boost one's confidence, is there?

I look forward to meeting you in San Francisco.

Eileen Astels Watson said...

Hi, Susan:

Imagine my surprise when I see your post on Seekersville. I'm jumping up and down, thinking, I actually met this woman and she lives in my Country, too.

Remember, we met at the Ottawa Sweet & Spicy Romance Writer's Contest.

CONGRATULATIONS! Is this the story that includes wine country?

Keep up the great writing!



Eileen Astels Watson said...

I meant Sweet & Spicy CONFERENCE, not contest. See, I'm still so excited for you that I can't type.

Susan Anne Mason said...

Hey Eileen,

Of course I remember you! Thanks so much for dropping by.

I just registered for the upcoming Ottawa conference in September. My critique partner and I are going to attend. Are you going again?

No, this is a different manuscript. I think I had just started it back when we met. The one in the wine country is not an Inspirational (not sure what category it is!) And it needs major reworking. I've learned so much since then.

How is your writing going?

And hi to Keli. Thanks for dropping in. Loved your post on Seekerville today.

Take care all.