Saturday, January 17, 2015

My Book News...

What a whirlwind it has been since December when "Wayward Hearts" released!
One thing I've learned is that December is not the best month for a book release. With all the Christmas preparations and being extra busy at work (as a church secretary, the season is very busy!), there's not a lot of time to devote to promoting one's new book! So I fear Maxi and Jason's story did not get the attention it deserved. 

Right on the heels of  New Year's, I found my Love Inspired romance, "Healing the Widower's Heart" already in our local bookstore! It was not supposed to come out until February. I guess some stores get their inventory earlier than others, as Wal-Mart and Target did not have the February books out yet. 
Most thrilling of all was the 4 1/2 star review I received from RT Book Review Magazine! This magazine contains nothing but book reviews-on all types of fiction, not just romance-and 4 1/2 stars is pretty much the highest rating they give out!! Very excited about this!

So I hope if readers like "Healing the Widower's Heart", they'll go and try "Betrayed Hearts" and "Wayward Hearts", too! Please visit my new and improved website for more info on each book ( 

Now off to continue my edits on book 2 of my historical series, tentatively called "A Worthy Heritage"!
Stay warm and Happy reading!


Kav said...

So excited for you! And I'm just about to write my review for Healing the Widower's Heart. Can' totally see how RT rated it 4 1/2 stars. Congrats on that. Well deserved. I'm about two chapters in on Wayward Hearts. Enjoying the angsty set up!

Susan Anne Mason said...

Hi Kav,
Sorry it took so long to see your comment!
So glad you're enjoying both books!