Thursday, March 1, 2012

A New Challenge - SPEEDBO!

Well, here we are at the beginning of March. Two months in 2012 have passed. Where does the time go?

I have been busy revising my first historical - a project still in progress. But now I have accepted Seekerville's latest challenge. SPEEDBO (speed book) for the month of March! We get to set our own goals and our own pace. The purpose is to get those of us participating to set daily word goals and get WRITING!

So I'm taking a stab at a new book - one that's not as fleshed out as the one I wrote in November's NaNoWriMo! But any progress is better than no progress! So I have been doing a ton of research and have now written the first two scenes.

Starting a new project is always exciting. This should keep March from being dull and hopefully I'll have at least half a book done at the end! Now if I could just get someone to cook for me!


Sherrinda said...

I'm doing it too! I haven't written much today, because life has gotten in the way, but I hope to add some more words before the night ends.:)

Keli Gwyn said...

Sue, I wish you well as you embark on SPEEDBO. Happy writing.

Julie Jarnagin said...

Fun! You're writing. I'm editing. We should have plenty of stuff to critique next month! :)

Susan Anne Mason said...

Sherrinda, Hope your life has settled down!


Julie, Sure will. Good luck with your edits!

Carrie Pagels said...

Not doing Speedo as I just finished an MS and a proposal. But I am wishing you the best for many God-given words this month!