Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Review of The Irish Healer

Recently I've had the chance to be an 'influencer' for a debut novel coming out in April 2012. The book is "The Irish Healer" by Nancy Herriman.

Right away the title drew me in because I love all things Irish! The premise of the story is that the main character, Rachel Dunne, is leaving the stigma of her past in Ireland behind to take a temporary position in London, with the hopes of starting a new life and eventually bringing the rest of her family to join her. Acquitted of murdering a child in her care, Rachel still can't outrun the disgrace and shame. She comes to work for Dr. James Edmunds, a man with many secrets of his own. Unable to overcome the horror of not being able to save his wife, James feels he must give up his practice. As Rachel works to help James pack up his house in London, she discovers the gift of healing is harder to ignore than she expected. And when an outbreak of cholera hits the city, Rachel finds herself trying to save the young daughter of her employer.

This is a wonderfully written tale of healing and redemption. Both main characters are richly portrayed; both suffer incredible guilt over the patients they couldn't save and both feel unworthy of happiness in their lives. Not only have they lost patients, they have lost faith in themselves and in God. Together they manage to find the courage to heal each other and restore their faith. Their tender romance is one of the best I've read to date.

From the docks of London where Rachel arrives, to the rolling English countryside, Ms. Herriman's depiction of the English setting brings 1830 London to life.

A wonderful debut novel. I can't wait to read more of Ms. Herriman's work!


CandaceCalvert said...

A wonderful review of a beautiful new book--I heartily agree.

Susan Anne Mason said...

Thank you, Candace!