Sunday, December 12, 2010

Wonderful Read!

It's been a while. Things have been hectic as usual. But I've just finished reading a book that I can't stop thinking about: Courting Morrow Little, by Laura Frantz. The characters, the drama, the beauty of the setting, all resonated deeply within me. I can't stop thinking about the characters.

A romance so beautiful it makes you sigh. A hero, half-Shawnee Indian, half-white that makes you melt. His thoughtfulness, dignity, pride and attention to the heroine, all combine to create the perfect romantic hero.

Laura Frantz starts her story slowly, building each layer of the relationship step by step, until the beauty of the couple's love overtakes you. I could see the scenes playing out in my mind like a movie.

If you have a chance to pick up "Courting Morrow Little", you won't be disappointed.


Laura Frantz said...

Sue, You've given me a beautiful Christmas gift by writing such a heartfelt review! I'm so blessed to have you as a reading friend. Your words here mean so much! Praying God's best for you and yours this holiday season ~ and some good books beneath your tree:)
Many, many thanks,

Susan Anne Mason said...

Wow, I'm honoured you dropped by, Laura!

You are more than welcome for the review (never dreamed you would read it!)

Blessings for the new year!