Thursday, February 4, 2010

Two Goals Accomplished!

Everyone is talking about goals these days. Writers especially seem to love to set goals for themselves. Word count goals, submission goals. Myself, I think this adds too much pressure (These days I'm all about de-pressurizing - there's a new word!)

I've heard so many varieties. Write 100 words a day. Write for 20 minutes a day. Write a chapter a week. Write a book in a year (that one is usually not bad). But honestly, I just don't have the time or inclination to keep such stringent records. And if I don't do what I was supposed to that day or week, then I beat myself up about it. Another reason why I don't do New Year Resolutions. I always want to lose 10-20 pounds. Does it happen? No. One day I'll be ready for that. In the meantime, I don't want to constantly feel bad about it. So I exercise when I can, and try to watch what I eat.

However, this past week or so, I did accomplish two important things.

1. I submitted a short story to a local newspaper contest. This was a challenge because I haven't written a short story since elementary school. I went on-line to research what a short story entailed, and then WROTE IT! I don't even know where the idea came from. It just appeared, fully formed, in my head. And it is now in the mail! Aside from the monetary winnings, first prize includes tuition to a college writing program. Wish me luck!

AND ...

2. I took out my resume, blew off the dust, and revised it for the first time in about 11 years. And I sent it out to the place I most would like to work - the Library! (I think I should have been a librarian! LOL) Not that there is even a hint at a job opening, but hey, wishful thinking (or should I say positive thinking) never hurts.

So even though I don't consciously set goals, I do congratulate myself when I achieve one or two!

How do you celebrate achieving your goals??

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Eileen Astels Watson said...

Good for you, Susan. That's a lot accomplished already this year!!

How do I celebrate? I don't usually, just move on to the next.