Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Your Civic Duty

What is it about our judicial system that they make doing your civic duty such a HORRIBLE experience?

Almost everyone called to jury duty dreads going into that room. Why? Maybe because you are treated as less than human. Actually more like a criminal instead of a potential judge on the case.

No, really. They heard over 200 people into one room, take your name, tell you to sit down (in totally uncomfortable chairs) and then - LEAVE YOU THERE FOR HOURS WITH NO INFORMATION! Sometimes, an official with a uniform comes in and whispers to another official, never looks anyone in the eye and leaves. The people sit up in their chairs, waiting hopefully for one tiny tidbit of information. But nothing comes. Why can't they share something with all the people just sitting there? It would make us less hostile, that's for sure.

And they don't even provide coffee or water! The least they could do is give us a drink. Well, that's my rant for now. Luckily I wasn't picked for a case so I'm safe for another 3 years. Whew!

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