Monday, September 15, 2008

Random Musings

Hey everyone,

Hope you're all enjoying September!

Here are some random thoughts for the day: (plus a picture of my beautiful daughter who won't friend me on Facebook)

1) How come washing machines only last 4-5 years now? I had one Inglis washing machine, a used one I bought for $150 when I first got married, that was fantastic. It finally died at age 32 or so. It was pretty old when I got it. Then our next brand new machine died at age 4. The transmission went (who knew a washing machine had a transmission!?) and the repairman told me it wasn't worth fixing. So I got ANOTHER new machine. Now just past it's fourth birthday, it won't spin dry properly. I had a repairman in today. He couldn't figure out what was wrong but it could be the motor! I said "But it's only 4 years old." He just gave me a look like "Lady, what do you expect for such an old machine." He said a new motor would cost around $300 and I should probably get a new machine. IT'S A CONSPIRACY, folks.

2) I opened a FACEBOOK account today. Not really sure why, but apparently it's the thing to do. My teenage daughter looked at me with horror when I told her I sent her a message and asked to be her friend. I guess it would look very un-cool to have such an OLD person on her friend list. SIGH. Oh well, at least I have other people who are willing to be-friend me! Now if I can just figure the whole thing out, I'll be fine!

3) Daughter did want me to read her new favourite book series by Stephanie Meyers. So I have started reading "Twilight" and surprisingly, I really like it! That's the sign of a talented author - one who can appeal to 15 year olds and 40 somethings as well.

4) If you leave peaches and pears on your patio table, you will have the scene of a MASSACRE the next day!! It looks like the raccoons were fighting over them. All the pears are gone, but the deck is littered with peach carcasses! Fun!

Well, enough random musings for today. They say gas prices may drop a bit tomorrow. I sure hope so. 15 cents a litre increase in one day is a bit ridiculous to say the least.



Keli Gwyn said...


It was nice to see you on Facebook. I hope you have fun there.

Sorry about the washing machine troubles. Needing to buy another one so soon is a dirty shame.

Susan Anne Mason said...

Argh, argh! Dirty shame is right!

See you!


Anne Barton said...

Hi Sue! Love the photo of your daughter. :)

1) Wow, so sorry about the washing machines! Two in eight years is crazy. When did major appliances become disposable?
2) I'm glad to see you on FB. I tried MySpace before that and found it completely overwhelming. (Which is essentially the same thing as announcing I'm over 40.)
3) I don't normally read paranormals, but I want to read Stephanie Meyer's books too.
4) LOL about the peaches and pears. At least the critters are OUTside of the house though!

Take care,