Thursday, July 31, 2008

Everyone's in San Fran!

Well it's lonely here with all the Golden Heart finalists and lots of my fellow Toronto chapter writers out in San Francisco for the National Conference and awards!

I hope they are all having a fantastic time. Lots of workshops and speakers and camaraderie to share.

As a finalist, I will miss that once in a lifetime moment of my HUGE head on the jumbo-tron. That alone would be worth the price of admission! Luckily a fellow finalist said she'd take a picture of my 15 seconds of fame as a keepsake. Thanks, Keli!

I want to wish all the wonderful Pixies (aka GH finalists) the best of luck on Saturday night's award. Too bad we all couldn't win. In my mind, we all are winners!

With bated breath I will wait for Sunday morning (Aug. 3) to find out the results. Kinda like missing the Oscars and waiting to hear the winners the next day on the radio. Tune in Sunday for an update!

Cheers, Sue

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Keli Gwyn said...


We missed you in San Francisco. I thought of you often and wished you could have been there with us.

My hubby has already said DC is out for next year--unless I sell first. He's incredibly supportive, but the reality is I'm an educator's wife and proud to be one. So, guess I better write something marketable and get it out there, huh?

I am so sorry I didn't get the photo of your smiling face on the jumbo screen at the awards ceremony. I've seen that some people do have pics of their screen image on their websites. I think they must have had a friend with a better camera than mine who was sitting directly in front of the screen in the non-VIP seating. I don't even have shots of myself on screen, but I do wish I could have gotten one of you.